The Diemasters Productivity System LISSTs Training Series – how it works

DPS Training

Conventional wisdom would say, "No one gets good at anything without repetition."

The LISSTs Training Series is comprised of five sections:
  1.   Lean Manufacturing – Our Culture
  2.   Inherent Simplicity and The Theory of Constraints –
Our Infrastructure
  3.   Safety First – Our Promise
  4.   Six Sigma – Our Problem Solving Tools
  5.   TS 16949 – Our Customer focus

Each section has several components, which may include classroom lecture and learning, reading materials, web-based training and actual case studies and exams. Each hour of LISSTs Training has a LISSTs point value. As employees successfully complete each training segment, they are awarded points. These points allow employees to achieve greater levels of timing achievement, which include:

  • TDPS
  • TDPS Practition
  • Green Belt
  • Black Belt

And our HIGHEST level of achievement.

Bottleneck Blaster