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The Theory of Constraints

Increasing throughput velocity without increasing inventory or operating costs.


At The Diemasters, we work both hard and smart. We give you the opportunity to manufacture smarter because everything we do is handled from a Theory of Constraints1 perspective.


The Theory of Constraints is a management philosophy that strives for continuous improvement by eliminating the bottlenecks, or constraints, in a process. Whether it’s physical, policy, or external, there is a slowest point in even the most efficient process.


By identifying that constraint and following the Five Focusing Steps, we continually improve our throughput velocity without having to increase inventory or operating costs.


The Five Focusing Steps

  1. Identify the constraint.
    What is keeping the process from obtaining its goal at a higher rate?
  2. Decide how to exploit the constraint.
    How can this bottleneck be expedited?
  3. Subordinate all other processes to above decision.
    Does any other point in the process need to be altered as a result?
  4. Elevate the constraint.
    Now that it’s been fixed, how can you make it work harder?
  5. The constraint should now be different. Return to Step 1.
    Don’t let inertia become the constraint.

Every day we ask, “Is there a smarter way to do this?” And every day we find answers.


By working smarter, costs stay constant, throughput velocity increases, and your piece part cost goes down.


1 Goldratt, Dr. Eliyahu M. The Goal. 1984.