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Product Flow System


Increasing throughput velocity rarely means speeding up the presses. If you’re stamping 1000 parts a minute, but those parts sit on the stamping room floor for a day, your throughput is still a full day.


We’ve designed a proprietary Product Flow System that ensures everything is moving through the plant as efficiently as possible. In line with the Theory of Constraints, we figure out where a product has the most queue time and find a way to get it to its next operation quicker.

This is a pull system instead of a push system – products always have somewhere to be, and we get them there right away. By keeping our plant organized with this system, we’ve been able to eliminate 20% of plant workers’ time that was formerly wasted searching for products. See our Factory Tour video. You’ll get an idea of how orderly we are.


Since the Product Flow System is reflected throughout our entire plant, you’ll get more of your product faster.