Diemasters manufacturing Inc - Capabilities - Assembly



You can significantly lower your total landed cost by having The Diemasters not only stamp and fabricate your parts, but produce the finished piece in-house through our automated assembly capabilities.


There is no limit to our assembly capabilities. A broad spectrum of equipment allows us to do PEM insertion, orbital and radial riveting, ring staking and tapping in semi-automated to highly-automated applications.


If The Diemasters manufactures your parts, it only makes sense – both from a cost and quality standpoint – to have us handle your complete assembly.

Chicago subassembly manufacturer

Assembly Specifics

  • Domestic and international components sourcing
  • Secondary process (plating, painting, heat treating) sourcing
  • Product design support, product/process alternatives
  • Optimal manufacturing process development
  • Assembly systems, secondary process tooling, machinery design and build in-house
  • Product Lifecycle Management with emphasis on cost reduction and cost avoidance

Chicago subassembly manufacturer