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When doing it right is the only option


From battleships to commercial airliners, complex machinery is only as reliable as its parts. When lives depend on strong, precise parts, call us.


The Diemasters specializes in intricate metal parts, such as compliant pins, fork and blade contacts and reel-to-reel contact work for high-performance interconnect systems. Our customers are OEMs, many of whom are in the military, aerospace and electronics sectors. The components we manufacture must perform flawlessly in the most demanding environments. We’ve manufactured parts for commercial airliners, military helicopters and fighters, missiles, ground vehicles and Navy warships. These clients keep coming back to us because we deliver a dependable product on time.


When you start a project with The Diemasters, our engineers can partner with you in the design phase to ensure that your final product can be made accurately and efficiently. This design for manufacturability step is one example of how The Diemasters are committed to smarter manufacturing.


If you have an upcoming metal component project, give us a call and see how The Diemasters can deliver the dependability you need.


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